Baccarat game rules: bets, wins, EZ version and winning tips

baccarat game rules: what are their variations?

Basic baccarat game rules

Your main goal as a bettor is to guess who’ll win the round. It can be a player or a banker. The third possible outcome is a tie. It can happen if both parties have the same hand value. Each wager type can deliver you a prize, in case it wins. Here are the possible payouts:

  • banker – 1:1;
  • player – 1:1;
  • tie – 8:1;

Note that banker bet has 5% commission, which makes it a bit less attractive for gamblers. At the same time, this wager type gives you the highest probability to hit a win – 45.8%. The bet on the player also delivers good chances to receive a prize. The winning probability is 44.6%. As for the tie, this wager type is favorable for gamblers only in 9.6% of cases.

The game itself is very easy to play and it has a rather fast flow. When the bets are made, both parties get two hole cards. If one of the sides has 8 or 9, it’s natural win. Both the player and the banker can draw one more card, in case the current hand value allows it.

Each card in the game has its own value. Ace is equal to 1, pictures and 10 are worth o points, while numbers are evaluated according to the digit on the card.

Baccarat game rules: EZ version

The Banker is the best bet in the game, but it has 5% commission, and that makes lots of gamblers to search for other wagering options. Still, there is EZ baccarat version, where this fee is eliminated, while the major rules are the same.

This game variation also has 2 side bets. The first one is Tiger 7. It has 40 to 1 payout. You win if any hand hits 7 having 3 cards in it. The second wager type is Panda 8. If player or banker has 8 points and 3 cards in the hand, you’ll get a prize with 25 to 1 ratio.

Baccarat game rules; how to hit a win?

Want to know how to win in Baccarat? – Follow one or several of these tips to get better prizes:

  1. Choose one side (B or P) and follow this bet during the whole session. If you start losing, have a break and play again when the favorable trend recovers.
  2. Determine the pattern of B/P wins and follow it.
  3. Use side bets, if baccarat game rules allow it. Spend no more than 10% of your bankroll on such bets.

One more essential thing to make money in baccarat is to manage your budget wisely and not to use more funds than you can afford.